Adding on to the three-series capsule, PUMA and Limited Edt have also enlisted art studio, WHALERABBIT, to create an exclusive collector’s figurine inspired by the Singapore story.
Named ‘Regal‘ after the strength and bearing of the Singapore mascot and PUMA’s iconic logo. The art figure is designed by renowned Taiwanese artist duo, BanaNaVirus and 13ART (SkullMan). Showcasing both artists’ signature touches; a geometric body with PUMA tail, and an adorably-dark lion skull by 13Art(SkullMan). Crafted in solid resin and casted with WHALERABBIT’s in-house Super Glow in aqua colour, the unique piece gives off an illuminating glow that is seen across all three sneakers in the capsule. These exclusive art figure stand 5inch tall and is available for VIPs with purchase of 2 out of the 3 chapters. Limited to 100 pieces will be produced for this campaign. Reservations are now open for both Chapter 1 and 2 box sets on vipbooking.limitededt.comMore details and pricing soon.


bananavirus regal