“A few months back, I built prototypes for my (The Real) TEQ63 concept which features my character in a more realistically proportioned design, both in the 1/12th and the 1/6th scale. While we are still researching for the proper production process for those (since that will be my first attempt at the mixed media format and still considering suppliers especially for the clothing), I decided to build one in the 1:18th 3 3/4 category in full resin format.

The 1/18th scale stands at about 3.75 inches, with no articulation, and comes in a carded blister pack. More colorways and new figures (TEQ63’s posse) are planned for this scale as well, so stay tuned for those!” – shared QUICCS.

Check out who’s on fire right now?! QUICCS as he prepare for the coming STGCC and probably for DCon, continues to develop his TEQ63 character… in the process, he has created [The Real] TEQ63 1:18th Scale figure!!! Standing 3.75″ tall, with no articulation, and comes in a carded blister pack. Releasing in a carded blister with custom artwork, the “Original Colorway” is an Open Edition, and will be up for grabs first at STGCC 2015 and then online HERE during the second week of September! This edition will be an “Open Edition”, with future colorways in the works, so stay tuned to IG @quiccs for updates.