Rampage Toys Convict exclusive HAG-X

Due to public demand, The Convict Toys will now start to provide the international mail-order service of the well-known and appreciated product “RAMPAGETOY CONVICT HAG” the Convict exclusive HAG-X’s… Available in 2 very different type; a standard “X” type, produced in yellow vinyl with metallic blue and red over black sprays, plus a suited “Convict HAG” variant, coming in black vinyl with masked white/blue sprays and dry brushed red detailing; both come packed with a Bikkuriman-style sticker plus matching cap that transforms the Hag head into a standalone, Madball-type figure. Orders online will accept between February 19(Fri) and February 21(Sun). (Japan time) via lottery for $160 and $190 respectively, interested parties can enter by e-mailing Convict at info@convict.jp with their name, Instagram name, country, shipping address, phone number, PayPal address and the name of the desired product (RAMPAGETOY HAG X Convict LIMITED COLOR/RAMPAGETOY Convict HAG). Lottery winners will be notified by mail by February 22(Mon).(Japan time)..Goodluck to winners!