Shikaruna Koubo’s Kappasama


Japanese lifestyle brand Convict are proud to offer up their version of Shikaruna Koubo’s Kappasama Convict Limited Color to overseas customers this week. Standing at around 8″ tall and featuring 3 points of articulation, the classic yokai-inspired figure appears to have been produced in a flesh tone vinyl, spray paint with blue, green, teal and black color. This is available now via lottery for just $87 plus shipping, interested collectors can enter by e-mailing Convict at with their name, Instagram name, country, shipping address, phone number, PayPal address and the name of the product (SHIKARUNA KOUBO KAPPASAMA CONVICT LIMITED COLOR) before close on Thursday, March 24th (Japan time)…Lottery winners will be notified by mail by March25(Fri).(Japan time) Good luck to all who enter!