robbie the rabbit

Collectible manufacturer Gecco Corp., proudly announced a new green version of its Robbie the Rabbit figure, based on the creepy mascot found in Konami’s horror game, “Silent Hill 3.” These pre-painted statue is 1/6th scale, standing 34cm high, made of ABS plastic and PVC. The Robbie statue stands on a blood puddled wire mesh and metal plate stand, modeled after “Lakeside Amusement Park” and features a green version of the mascot with blood on his costume. It also includes a steel pipe for Robbie to wield, as “Killer Rabbit,” as well as a blood covered chainsaw, as it appears as a secret weapon in “Silent Hill 2,” with the words “Together we are one” across the blade. It was sculpted by Shinya Akao (Headlong), and painted by Norifumi Dohi (Franken) and Kenji Ando, with package art from Robbie’s creator, Usagi Tanaka. Available beginning in March 2016, and it has a price tag of $150 a piece, distributed worldwide (except for Japan), by D4TOYS.


Gecco Corp