Catalonia Barcelona based Marcos Lorenzo AKA SomeStrangeThings is excited to shared the release of his brand new sculptures Obskure and Obskure Limited Edition.
Both sculptures are based on the same platform: Obskure are casted resin toys, 1/10 170mm 6.7 inches high, painted with acrylics, tattooed with transfer techniques and various attached rivets (plastic / metal). Obskure Limited Edition is a limited series of 25 toys with fully decorated jacket with rivets, studs and spikes and comes with the serial number and the Obskure logo printed in her leather jacket. Both sculptures are available from now on SomeStrangeThings Store and deliveries will begin from October 2016. Prices are 75€ for Obskure and 200€ for Obskure Limited edition.
About the platform, Obskure is the second (with ThreeTimesNever sculpture) of a toy collection based on alternative girls and the punk, rock and gothic culture. Obskure has the power of rock and the elegance of goth, as well as a bit of mistery and blues on her face. A strange balance of strength and weakness on her attitude will make you love her and fear her just at first sight.