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RecycleC x Toy Art Gallery – Takhon

Toy Art Gallery excited to announce their first collaboration with the talented artist RecycleC. presenting the debut of RecycleC’s TAKHON! TAKHON is inspired by Thai Ghost Festival “Thailand Phi Ta

Scott Tolleson -

Scott Tolleson FINALLY revealed the larger 5-inch version of his SHARD Dunny design, a new character to the Odd Ones Kidrobot family. Keep your eyes peeled for more

SomeStrangeThings New sculptures Obskure and Obskure Limited Edition Available Now

Catalonia Barcelona based Marcos Lorenzo AKA SomeStrangeThings is excited to shared the release of his brand new sculptures Obskure and Obskure Limited Edition. Both sculptures are

Brent Nolasco

  What a busy guy…the artist Brent Nolasco give us a taste of his new character “Ziggy” sculpt. This two horn skull headed monster and its arachno pet is hand sculpted by

Kyle Kirwan's KORALO ‘Motley’ Edition Resin Drops March 11th!

Artist Kyle Kirwan recently announced his latest character Koralo the “Motley” edition! This handmade rotocast resin figure stand 7inch tall and will see its debut in a nice black and

Muffinman x Tougui's

Muffinman sculpts in collaboration with Tougui shared their upcoming resin art figure…Yeti, not much details available yet but this is so cool to wait for a long