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Awesome Toys Blood Red TWINS Limited Release Available Now

Awesome Toy popular Twins will be back in unpainted red, Blood Red TWINS limited release.  Size about 220mm and inspired by the look of the Grady Twins from

Awesome Toy’s Mulan sofubi “First Edition” Now Available!

Awesome Toy is delighted in announcing their Mulan sofubi first official colorway is available for Pre-order now! Inspired to classic femme ‘SupaRobot Aphrodite A, and comes in-scale with AT’s

Violence Toy’s 13 One-Off Jinmenken Sofubi Available Now!

Violence Toy in collaboration with Awesome Toy…once again taking on the Jinmenken for a total of lucky 13 one-off customs! Featuring just the human faced variant this

Awesome Toy’s Loch Ness Monster “2nd Edition” Available Now!

  Inspired by the rare 1978 Kenner Stretch Serpent from the Stretch Armstrong toy line. Awesome Toy‘s Loch Ness Monster sofubi has painted to it’s second

Paul Kaiju’s Mini Mockbatpocalypse Available Via Raffle!

Unbox Industries produced Mini Mockbats are finally set to release in painted series by the creator himself… Paul Kaiju…in what he dubs the “Blind Bag Mini Mockbatpocalypse” raffle! Featuring the

The artist Obsessed Panda is teaming up with Awesome Toy to release a micro run of their Lochness Monster sofubi. This ‘Chestburster’ edition of the 4″