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Peter Kato x Uamou - Galaxy Bedtime Bunny & Uamou Sets for Clutter NYCC Exclusive

Clutter is proud to release an exclusive edition of new Galaxy Bedtime Bunny & Uamou sets  at their NYCC booth #603. This 6″ x 2.5″ x 1.5″ vinyl

Peter Kato’s Bedtime Bunnies 2 Years Birthday Party at Woot Bear

Everyone is invited to celebrations…Peter Kato’s Bedtime Bunnies are turning 2 and he wants you to celebrate with them! A party exclusive at Woot Bear  for a


Peter Kato has unveiled Valentine Bunnies for P!Q and set to be launched at Valentines Day, the 4-inch resin handmade bedtime bunnies will be available alongside the 6