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The Colus X Kidrobot Ravenous Figure in two colorways will release on Halloween

Have you ever felt that ominous feeling of being watched only to look over your shoulder and discover a conspiracy of ravens lurking somewhere around you?

Retroband × Zectron -

Aaron Moreno of Retroband is about to release this man eaters “GRISTLE” 12inch serial killer in unpainted, casted in black soft vinyl by Unbox Industries and designed by Moreno and Zectron.


Konstantin Budkevich of Kosrobot just announced the next colorway of his creepy cool “Tsihata” resin figures, the”Original Edition” and “Negative Edition”! This Russian ying yang standing


Moscow Based-Konstantin Budkevich of Kosrobot released his brand new edition of Dreary One resin figure in a sparkling “Stardust” edition! Featuring a new black, glossy, glittery effect. This