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The Colus X Kidrobot Ravenous Figure in two colorways will release on Halloween

Have you ever felt that ominous feeling of being watched only to look over your shoulder and discover a conspiracy of ravens lurking somewhere around you?

Halloween Spooky Boogie + Gee Halloween Set by Cure Toy of Japan Available via Lottery from Lulubell Toys!

  Lulubell Toys  reinvent the game this time around, they are holding a “photo-lottery” for the chance to purchase very limited quantities of their upcoming “Halloween

Otto Björnik - Mogu

Otto Björnik bringing a sweet treat this coming Halloween season with his “Mogu”, a brand new colorway the “Autumn Mischief” edition! Seems like Kali stands 4″ tall while Kana

TobyArt's Zombie Tacos

  TobyArt is proud to release today Zombie Tacos in flavors, the yellow Taco Supreme and the purplish Ghost Taco. These guys are nearly 1.5 inches tall, hand sculpted, hand cast

MJ Hsu's Halloween Delectables and Donatsu are available NOW!

  Early Halloween treats from MJ Hsu…a spooky versions of her sweet-themed toys! There will be three flavors of Donatsu and three flavors of Delectables you can grab on!


Greg “CRAOLA” Simkins‘ is proud to announced the public screening of their Stop-motion Animation Film, “I’m Scared” at 3DRetro on Saturday, October 15th from 7-11PM. Not only

Kyle Kirwan's

Kyle Kirwan is excited to announce his upcoming Skully Bloom Micro Run which going on sale this Saturday, September 10th at 9am PST. Handmade and hand-painted Skully Bloom measures 5.5″ tall.