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Patrick Wong Sampler Trooper

Patrick Wong is excited to announce his latest art figure, the “ST-60“! A limited edition collectible is a mashup figure inspired by the legendary MPC 60

Funko's Batman Impopsters Pop! Heroes DC Comics Vinyl Figure

The villains of Gotham are dressing up like Batman and pretending to be the famed Caped Crusader! This Batman Impopsters Pop! Heroes vinyl figure series features the x The Droid Foundry - Hoverdroids,  Rollerdroids, Droiddogs 3D prints for ToyConUK 2016 proudly introduced The Droid Foundry carrying their underlying theme of robots, and they have 3 character creations in 3D prints releases to present at ToyConUK this year. First

Violence Toy's Designer Con 2015 Leftover Sale!

Violence Toys previously announced they will be releasing their remaining pieces from Designer Con 2015. Finally, your prayer is answer ( if you pray). Like everyone else,

Plaseebo's First ‘ARACHNID Series’ Custom Gnaw Figure!

Previously teased HERE, the artist Plaseebo is proud to released the first figure in the “Arachnid” series. This Arachnid Gnaw is a one of a kind custom measuring

Abell Octovan's

Abel Octovan proudly revealed “BarkinGun” RoyalEgo edition in sparkling gold color + flat black, this 7-inch long and 4½-inch tall version of the half-canine and half-gun resin.