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Kong Andri to debut

Indonesian artist also known as “Kong Andri” is proud to announce the debut of his original character design OWANGEBOT JR MICRO SIZE at this weekend’s Popcon

Amanda Visell - “Mole & Miner” and “Stagon & Lumberjane” Resin Art Figure

Amanda Visell is proud to announce the return of her adorable character creations, presenting “Stagon and Lumberjane” Limited 10 pieces and the “Mole and Miner” a new sculpt

Uglydoll x Boxcat

South Korean artist Rato Kim‘s own creation”Boxcat” was mash up with David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim’s Uglydoll style and turn out this sweet “Uglycat” creations, measured 4-inches wide,

Emilio Subirá's

Emilio Subirá released 3 different “one of a kind’s, in what he is calling “Doggy style, Good boy” and in “Pink”, “Brown”, and “Gray” colorways for this first edition

Lunartik – Ping Pong Gone. Nom Nom Nom! Concrete Wall Art

Lunartik get inspiration from the Ping Pong Gone Wrong show (which opened this past Saturday June 4th in the UK) to create a limited-edition run of hungry Ping Pong paddles.


Moscow Based Artist Konstantin Budkevich has just released another Kosrobot in Eagle edition.  These latest addition to the growing 3” Kosrobot resin action figure line. Based on special police unit uniforms blend with urban

Baykiddead Launched ‘DER ZERSTÖRER’ Resin Figures Kickstarter Campaign!

A photographer/artist/toy maker/curator/etc…Garrison Beau Scott aka Baykiddead has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to help get his ‘Der Zerstörer‘ resin art produced! These 4″ tall, hand poured

Secret Base’s Skull Bee in Marble Green and Pink Sofubi

Secret Base drops another kickass, a marbled double-pour Skull Bee! This Sofubi figure standing at around 5″ tall and featured multiple articulation in the head and arms, treated

Gorgoloid x Plaseebo's Custom Night Gamer

Plaseebo are pleased to offer a one of a kind custom vinyl Plaseebo Night Gamer by Barry Allen Williams AKA Gorgoloid simply titled “Lemon Drop”. Barry has replaced

Bjornik’s Bai Chu in a new Exclusive Stranger Factory Li-Fu! Edition

Stranger Factory proudly release a new version of the famous Bjornik’s Bai Chu in a new colorway, Exclusive Stranger Factory Bai Chu (Li-Fu! Edition). The miniscule vampire stands approximately