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VTSS and Luke Chueh's

“Bruised Lee” is artist Luke Chueh‘s first vinyl figure with VTSS, It combined Luke’s the most famous bear design and Bruce Lee’s classic yellow jumpsuit from

Bounce x VTSS Toys – Bounce Boy Black + Gold Series Drops Aug. 18th

VTSS Toys in collaboration with Taiwanese graffiti artist Bounce has released the third edition of their Bounce Boy figure, following the 2013 and 2014 years two deep acclaim after work

Discordia Culture Shop: Designer Toy Summit, Open March 18th 2017

Presented by Discordia Culture Shop: Designer Toy Summit is pleased to welcome all Toy Artists, Companies, Customizers, Sculptors, Bloggers, Podcasters, along with Toy Manufacturing, Supply, and

Alex Solis' CHUNKY Astromech Droid from VTSS Toys Available Now!

Alex Solis and VTSS is happy to release the newest Famous Chunkies “Chunky Astromech Droid”, it has a real functional LED light and a click button on back,

Yosuke Ueno x VTSS

Japanese artist Yosuke Ueno and VTSS Art Space released it’s second edition of Life Soldier “Pink Life Soldier 5000” the concept of Life Soldier 5000 is based on Yosuke Ueno’s

Alex Solis x VTSS - Famous Chunkies

VTSS has released “Chunkies Trooper Silver” is a special edition character of “Famous Chunkies” series project by artist Alex Solis and VTSS from 2015. This figure