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Cracked Hatchet's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles WheresChapell version Leo Resin Figure

Cracked Hatchet is about to release WheresChappell version of Leo complete with twin Katana and wearing his turtle toe rifts. Available in 3 colour variants, features Toon-Blue bandana,

Whereschappell - Deadpool Resin figure

Whereschappell is excited to launch his all new version of Deadpool resin figure. This Deadpool resin figure standing approx 20cm high in in classic red suit or grey x-force versions. Hand

Cracked Hatchet's Spidey, Boba Fett Sarlaac Escape, Stealth Mission Donny resin Figure on eBay Auction

Cracked Hatchet released today, not one but three, one-off resin figures and this time it’s not available on his online shop but rather he make it available

Cracked Hatchet’s “Tyler Durden

  Cracked Hatchet has released his version of Tyler Durden, main character from the Fight Club novel and film. This 7⅞-inch tall resin piece in his “Sock It To

Whereschappell’s “Donnie Darko” Resin Figure Available Now!

  Whereschappell released his “Donnie Darko” figure last night. Inspired by the film with the same title, this handmade resin art figure wearing this skeletal bodysuit Halloween