Fucking Four Fingers 3rd

terriblewhore released today his ever-popular Fucking Four Fingers sofubi had returned this week in an all-new 3rd colorway and clear blanks! Standing about 10.6″ tall and featuring 5 points of articulation, produced in clear vinyl 6 parts + Clear painted and comes with hand screen printed bag.

If you interested to buy, please send an e-mail with your info listed below; – Your name – Address & Country – Phone # – Email address
– Mail subject (please choose one from below)
“Fucking Four Fingers 3rd order”
“Fucking Four Fingers Clear blank order”
“Fucking Four Fingers 3rd + Clear blank order”

The payment is PAYPAL ONLY.
The Shipping will be EMS.
The payment will be… Item price + Shipping & Paypal fee = Grand total
Please E-mail to ” terriblewhore@gmail.com ” from now till April. 24th (in Japan time). If terriblewhore receive orders more than he get readied, it’ll be a lottery. Good luck to you guys!