Some great things is come to happen in Japan in the month of September and if so happen in you’re in the area of Akihabara make sure to visit the events

“ThreeA’s official art & toy show “WITH SMILES ON OUR LIPS” a.k.a “JAPAN VENTURE” will take place at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Japan.

VENTURE is the name for ThreeA’s large scale shows with arts and toys.
First held in Hong Kong as “HONG KONG VENTURE” in 2009, and second again in Hong Kong as “HONG KONG REVENTURE” in 2012. This year, we present the third VENTURE in Akihabara, Japan.

Numerous arts/illustrations/sculptures by artists Ashley Wood, Phil Hale, William Wray, Amanda Visell, and Siuyin will be on display. And of course, there will be old and new toys from ThreeA on display as well as show exclusive special toys for sale.

The term is from 2015 September 19th (SAT) to 27th (SUN). Opening reception will be on the evening of September 18th (FRI) (*Invitation required for the opening reception).” (www.threeajapanshow.com)