Bulli Corns_Collectanddisplay

Collect and Display is teamed up with artist Emelie Jensen for their latest “Monthly Custom Series” – showcasing the fantastical works of Tomodachi Island! Emelie has created her series using the Fonzo platform and has customised them into characters known as the Bulli-Corns. There are three different sizes available, small 3.4″ for £60.00 , medium 4.5 for £69.00 and Large 6″ for £82.00 figure and each of which is a 1/1 custom. Bulli-Corns will be available 26th August 2016 at 8pm from www.collectanddisplay.com.

Tomodachi Island is a place that was created in artist Emelie Jensen’s mind. It is a place filled with magical and mystical creatures, and a place where no evil or darkness exist. The creatures of Tomodachi Island are protected from the rest of the world and very few actually know of its existence. The Island is adrift at seas on the back of a huge whale.

Tomodachi Island – Collect _Bullicorns