The Toxic Candies series are officially back!!! Artoyz is proud to offer you their first crowdfunding campaign via KickstarterToxic Candies series is a collection started in 2010 with Stéphane Levallois. Artoyz has already published the characters Sweety and Liquorice, both exhausted today and Margemallow always available on To the end of 2016 Artoyz have prepared two new characters from this universe full of sugar that sticks to teeth namely reckless and belligerent Pomme d’Amour and the mysterious Berry.


Pomme d’Amour is a little guy always up for a fight especially to impress Margemallow that it would be willing to do anything! available in 2 versions: Black and Red (exclusive KickStarter). As for Berry it refers to those little candies shaped ripe indefinable taste and texture from elsewhere. Being unable to clearly define this candy, we made a mysterious character. Berry is available in 2 versions: White and Black (exclusive KickStater).You can participate in this wonderful project via!