“In Chinese culture the word ‘Chizi’ represents a special state of mind, the return to the starting point of life’s mentality.
We must reflect on life, once again look back to the past, and then to look at life’s “child heart” Tik Ka

Hong Kong based artist Tik Ka has teamed up with unboxindustries to create a soft vinyl interpretation of his character ‘Little Rice‘ The end result is great! The adorable ‘Little Rice’ is manufactured in soft vinyl, measred 11cm x 11cm x 14cm and meticulously hand painted by the Unbox paint team in an effort to translate Tik Ka’s renderings perfectly. Head on over HERE right now to snag one up for just $140 and estimated to be ship end of November 2016.

Tik Ka is a Hong Kong based artist famous for his works that celebrate the concept of ‘childlike thinking’ know as ‘Chizi’
His work has been exhibited globally since 2006 and has now been interpreted into three dimensions by Unbox.